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"With the release of the Celebration album and single and the coming release of the Sticky and Sweet tour on dvd it would seem logic for any artist to take a pause and enjoy the success but that doesn't happen to Madonna, who is working on more releases for her fans to enjoy.

First of all there's Revolver, the second new track on her greatest hits album that, as previously reported by MadonnaTribe a while back, will be the second single release off the compilation. The news is that lots of remixers have been contacted to remix the song and among them we find Tracy Young, David Guetta and Paul Van Dyke.
But for die hard fans the most exciting news regarding her music is that for Christmas we'll also get brand new house remixes of two of her biggest classics: Holiday and Into The Groove!

Meanwhile Madonna will also be busy with another fashion campaign. She will team up again with photographer Steven Klein next month for the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign, but the cool thing is that this time she will model not for the women's collection but for the men's! We are sure Madonna and Klein will come up with some great ideas for this one!"


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